Liberty State Park Engagement – Louis and Bella

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Louis and Bella met on October 23, 2010. That weekend, Bella was visiting her friend Sarah, who lived in Highland Park at the time. That Saturday night Sarah, Bella, Sarah’s sister Rebecca, Rebecca’s then boyfriend Kevin, Kevin’s friend Alex, and Alex’s friend Louis met up to go out in New Brunswick. They met up in Sarah’s apartment before going out and Louis cracked a Lewis Black joke – Bella was the only one who laughed. Little did they both know that Lewis Black was their favorite comedian. At the end of their night out, Bella and Louis exchanged phone numbers.

Years later, Bella and Louis purchased their first home in Edison, NJ which is just a few miles down the same road from Sarah’s old apartment in Highland Park, NJ. It was fate that brought them together through 6-degrees of separation. However, it is a deep love and commitment which has kept them together through the years.  A week after Louis and Bella met in Highland Park, they went out on their first date. It was a classic dinner and movie kind of night at the Palisades Center Mall in Nyack, NY. They ate dinner at Bella’s favorite restaurant called Stir Crazy. After dinner, they went to see the movie Due Date, a comedy starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zack Galifianakis. Louis and Bella shared their first kiss on the night they met. As Louis was getting ready to leave with his friend Alex, they shared a romantic kiss in the moonlight. And as they say, the rest is history…


Louis and Bella were on vacation in California with Taylour and her family during the summer of 2016. They were having a great time, taking pictures, and enjoying all the sights in places like Lake Arrowhead Village, San Bernadino, Disneyland, Carrillo National Monument in Point Loma, and Seal Beach in La Jolla. During the last part of the trip, they all traveled to San Francisco to complete the trip. While in San Francisco, they were enjoying a hop-on-hop-off bus tour of the beautiful city. Later that night, they stopped at the Queen Whilemina Tulip Tea Garden which has a beautiful Dutch Windmill. While taking pictures, Louis got down on one knee and asked Bella to spend the rest of her life with him. Of course, she was overwhelmed with emotion. She said “yes”, they kissed, and continued to take a few more pictures. Then they shared a champagne toast with their friends before heading off to the Beach Chalet for dinner to continue the celebration.

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