Engagement Session – Ann and Albert

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Ann and Albert met through an online dating site in June. After a few e-mail correspondences, phone calls, and almost daily video Skypes, they finally met in Cody, Wyoming at the end of July when Ann went on vacation with her family. Their love grew more  and more since Cody.



After attending the Sunday evening service at church when Ann visited Arizona during the Labor Day weekend, they talked to her parents via video Skype. Afterwards, they were going to take a walk outside. As they were about to leave, Albert said, “Let me get something real quick…” And as Ann was just done putting her shoes on, Albert knelt down and asked, “Will you marry me?” Ann was surprised and responded “Yes, of course!” Albert showed her the beautiful diamond ring and Ann was overjoyed. Albert put the ring on her finger and they took a picture together afterwards. The following morning they went to Sedona, a beautiful romantic town.


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