What will you remember in 30 years?

You want to look at your photos and remember the smoothness of your grandmother's hand after you said "I do..."

...or the moment your sister cried as she said how beautiful you looked.

If this sounds like you...

Let's jump on a call.


How you met and your proposal are important pieces in the story of how you got here, but they're not the whole pie.

 Your lives are filled with fleeting moments you share with your partner that keep you connected.

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A list of family formal names is great from a timeline perspective, but there's so much more to it. Who are those people, and why are they important to you?

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Staying present during your day should be at the top of your list. You don't want to be thinking about what's next on the schedule, trying to find your 2nd cousin, 30 minutes into cocktail hour.

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You don't want someone to show up, take photos, and hope something meaningful gets captured. You want them to already know what's meaningful and why.

That's where I come in.

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love notes 

"Brad captured the big and small moments of our day. Some of our favorite photos are of our wedding party hanging out just before the ceremony in the bridal suite. His documentary style really stood out here and looking back at our photos help us remember a really fun part of this day that I think we otherwise would have glossed over.

Marielle & Eric

Bishop Farmstead
Southampton Township, Nj

Your experience with your wedding photographer should match that uniqueness.

My goal is not to create your wedding story, but to document it.

your wedding is unique to you

Every relationship is unique and so is every wedding. All of my couples build their own packages, so I will work with you to create a customized package that's right for you!


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starts at $2900 for 8 hours of coverage

Engagement sessions are just focused on the two of you and are about showcasing your love without the hoopla of a wedding day. They're also a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera!


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starts at $750

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you'll hear from me shortly.

I genuinely enjoy connecting with people and hearing who and what is important to you.

Let's find a time to chat!

Ask me anything!

Amazing! I can't wait to learn about you both and the people closest to you! To secure your date all you need is, a retainer and a signed contract, then you’re all set! Reach out here so we can find a time to chat. I can’t wait to work with you!

Why is it important for you to know us know us on a deeper level to take our wedding photographs?

My goal is not to just be just another vendor on your list, it's to be along for that journey. In order for me to do that, I want to understand who you both are, what you value, who are those people most important in your lives. Not only do I genuinely enjoy getting to know about you, but it will help me on your wedding day to capture the things you value most.

How long does it take until we see our wedding photos?

Officially, 6-8 weeks. If I’m in the thick of wedding season, it can be a little crazy, so I like to give myself a buffer just in case. I typically also post a little teaser online a day or two after, that you’ll be able to tag and share if you like.

How do you keep us organized on our wedding day? 

This is right in my wheelhouse! When you book me, I will give you an idea of what my typical timeline looks like. We will talk through all the details of your day, where to put the bulk of your coverage. Do you want me there til the very last song or would you prefer me to be at the salon while you’re getting hair and makeup done? (Or do you want me at both?) This will help when you’re talking to the makeup artist about when they should start or what time the flowers should arrive. About 6 months prior to your wedding, I send out a detailed questionnaire to help fill in many of those gaps, names of important people, who is in the family portraits, etc. Around the 3 month mark, we’ll meet to go over all those details and finalize the timeline. We’ll leave that meeting with a rough, but close to a final timeline that you can send out to whomever you feel needs it. (We will meet/chat plenty of times before then though!)

The unobtrusive documentary style of wedding photography really appeals to be, but will you still take family portraits on our wedding day? 

Absolutely! I think family portraits are so important. These are the people that you're closest with and it's cruicial we capture you all together. That being said, that doesn't mean it needs to be this super formal part of the day. We can still keep it loose and candid to get everyone to relax! 

How many wedding photos will we get and will they be edited or retouched?

Most clients receive 700-900 photographs, but always depends on your day. All of the delivered images will be professionally edited. Editing means things like color correction, cropping and other minor adjustments that are made to make them look spectacular! Retouching is not typically part of this process and can be done to individual photos for a fee. Retouching is defined as altering body parts, taking out elements of the photo, removing or adding people or any major alteration of a photo. Retouching is quoted on a per-image basis.

Will you travel outside of new jersey to photograph our wedding? 

100% I love to travel! That being said, family is really important especially with two young kiddos, so I am very selective in what I'm available to do outside of the tri-state area.