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This is my official welcome to all of you out there in the interweb! I plan on trying to keep up with this blog as much as possible as well as constantly add new photos that I’ve taken.

I’m actually kind of intrigued about this whole blog phenomenon that has taken our society as of late. It’s kind of a wonder how we use technology as an emotional or some other kind of outlet. Private thoughts used to be your own private thoughts, though now, everyone seems to want to share them with the world. (Myself included, although more photos than thoughts) It’s especially interesting how it has transformed the way people get their news about the world. Celebrities and other personalities are using it as outlets to talk to their fans and spread their work or ideas. I think it makes people feel more connected and attempts to take away that whole idea of “celebrity” that has swallowed our society, which could in turn get rid of all those tabloid magazines.

I had a blog, once in the past and used it to express my thoughts about, well…whatever. I think this blog will be used also to express thoughts, but hopefully on a more intellectual scale, but mostly used to update the world with new photos and projects I’m working on, personally and professionally.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You better entertain and inform, blockhead!


  2. screamy mimi says:

    I found you! I’m reading you!!! Where are the pictures!?! 🙂

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