Past and Present Collide


This past summer my Aunt’s niece came from France to stay with us for a month. She’s about the same age as my sister, Jessa. Since she had never been to the U.S for an extended period of time, we decided to take her to as many of the “standard” American sights as possible. One of the obvious sights is the Statue of Liberty.

I, of course, being the travel junkie that I am, couldn’t pass up this photographic opportunity, especially since the last time I was there was probably elementary school.

When you’re that close to something of such importance to this country and the world, you can almost feel what our grandparents and great grandparents felt when immigrated here.

Recently, I uncovered and started to catalog some of the photos my grandfather took when he was younger. The majority of them are from the 1930’s-1940’s. I will post more as I go through them, but specifically he had a few that were taken of the Statue of Liberty. It’s pretty cool seeing photographs that I took, next to his, taken over 70 years ago.

Present Day

  1. screamy mimi says:

    This is super cool. Have you seen I have a link off of my page to it. Tons of old photos–I find them so fascinating!

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