Hoboken Engagement Session – Justine and Matt

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We met in the least likely place to find love, Bar A in Belmar, NJ. While hanging out with the shore house gang, Matt being a good friend ended up spending the night caring for their mutual friend. Justine, finally made her way down for a night out when she came across her friend being tended to by Matt. Justine approached them and before she knew it, she and Matt spent the rest of the night dancing and have a great night together. The following day the whole group spent the day at the beach and after getting to know each other for a bit, Matt asked Justine if he could take her out sometime. Naturally she said yes, but because of trips she had planned she wasn’t available for the next 2 weeks. They talked a bit that time and Matt was able to get tickets for the Mumford and Sons concert that Justine was ecstatic she could attend.


After a busy year filled with weddings and other big events, Justine had asked Matt if they could do a night out once everything calms down. Naturally, Matt said of course that he would plan a nice night for the two of them. Justine met Matt at his office in downtown Manhattan as she does many Friday nights. They then went to Frances Tavern across the street and when they walked in, Matt asked, “Do you know what this place is?” Justine responded, “no” and Matt proceeded to tell her that it was the place her parents had their first date. After getting the night started with a glass of warm wine, they got in a cab and headed to the next destination, all of which was a surprise for Justine. They got to Park Ave Winter where they had dinner which felt like a winter wonderland. After dinner they got in yet another cab and off to destination 3 which was Rockefeller center, not to see the tree, but that was an added bonus since there wasn’t a soul in sight. They went out way up to the top of 30 Rock to have a full panoramic view of the city and across the river to their home. Their final destination was central park where there was a horse and carriage waiting. While bundled up in a big red blanket, Matt popped a bottle of Champagne as they took in the beautiful park. They approached the “famous fountain” that Matt had the driver make a point to stop at. They got out and handed the gentlemen Matt’s phone to take a photo and before Justine knew it Matt was down on one knee asking Justine to, “make him the happiest boy in the world.” She cried and cried and eventually got the words, “of course” out!

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