Diana and Chris Enagagement Session

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Diana attended a Rutgers alumni event at Madison Square Garden with her college friend, Carly, in January 2016. The girls went into MSG decked out in cowboy hats, plaid shirts, and jeans where they saw the sports arena transformed into the PBR rodeo with dirt floors, bulls, trucks, cowboys and wannabe cowboys. After they left the rodeo, they headed to a nearby bar called Stout. Shortly after they arrived, Chris showed up at the bar flanked by friends Tommy and John and stood nearby. Diana noticed tall, handsome Chris immediately and after they made eye contact a few times, she hit on him by asking about his tattoos. From there, the girls hung out with Chris and his friends until the guys had to leave about an hour later. Chris asked for Diana’s number, asked her out the next day and they went on their first date a week later.

Though Chris planned to take Diana out to a nice dinner in the city, his work car got hit by a truck at the end of his midnight-into-early-morning shift and he went to the hospital in an ambulance and dealt with work paperwork the rest of the day. (He was okay but had a back injury and downplayed the whole incident to Diana until they had dinner.) After being up for about 30 hours, Chris STILL wanted to see Diana and they had dinner at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ where he was still charming, witty and funny.


Chris and Diana were dating for about a year and a half when Chris surprised Diana by asking her to marry him while on vacation in Charleston, S.C, in June 2017. (She said yes.) The rest, as they say, is history. Which is great, because Chris is really, really into history. (P.S. Diana gave her cowboy hat to Tommy and it’s still being passed around to Chris’s friends.)

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