Second Time’s a Charm

Washington DC

Last year we took a trip to Washington DC and unfortunately we arrived just as the biggest snowstorm in recent memory came down. That trip in terms of sightseeing was kind of a bust. Though I did get some nice snow shots. This year was a lot more productive. I think we ended up hitting 4 or 5 museums in one day. Check out photos below! Feel free to leave comments!

Thought this was kind of hilarious. For those that don’t know, that’s Samuel L. Jackson (ie Snakes on a Plane, Pulp Fiction, etc.) I guess he’s the unnamed founding father.

M.C. Escher comes to life?

This was in one of the displays at the National Air & Space Museum. Why?
Just for fun?

Replica of an underwater reef made entirely of yarn. Amazing.
(That’s for you Michele!)

Spontaneous Mid-Air Jump!

Seems fitting for me.

Curator gets a rocking chair?

Fall is here!

We played around a lot with reflections on this trip, this was the best out of all of them.

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