Narratives Part 2


Last week I talked about how I view narratives. It’s easy to find them from portraits or landscapes, but can you create them from scratch?

Part of my thesis for Rutgers, was about just that. I created scenes that, in my head, reflected the style and feel of “B” horror or science fiction movies, with a small twist.

I’m lucky enough to have such great friends who help me out on crazy ideas like these.

They are all using the available light from the location, which I think adds to the tone of the photos. (Above) This one was interesting because, I chose to not expose the film for too long in order to create the shadowy figures. It adds a little more mystery.

(Above) This is my favorite of the series. It embodies, to me at least, the style I was going for when I thought up this project. Since I did not shoot digitally, I had no way of knowing what would actually show up once they were developed.

(Above) This one feels very much like a movie still. I think it’s fun to try and come up with movie plots based around some of these photographs. They can all be one movie or they can be completely separate.

Can you come up with any plot lines?

  1. screamy mimi says:

    That was fun. 🙂

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