Maplewood Engagement – Kristen and Jon

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Believe it or not, they met on Tinder!  They first met up at St. James Gate in Maplewood.  They spent a lot of time in Maplewood, since its where Kristen was living at the time, and would walk from her apartment to town to have dinner, drive over to South Mountain to walk the dog and play with him in the park.


Jonathan and Kristen had moved in together in Denville and often drove over to Randolph to walk the dog on the trails.  On May 26, 2015, they went to those same trails but this time Jonathan brought a portable radio, and started playing music in the woods. As they turned a corner, the trail was lined of photos of them tacked to the trees. At the end of the trail was a huge canvas photo of them holding hands on the beach, a dozen white roses, and red rose petals all over the small wooden bridge. Kristen don’t remember exactly what he said, but she knows he asked, and her answer was, Yes!

Kristen and Jon decided to split their engagement session into two locations. First we made a stop at the South Mountain Reservation in West Orange. There’s so many scenic spots, we had to pick and choose. Once we got our shots, we took a drive over to downtown Maplewood.  In addition to getting some more urban shots, we made sure to stop by St. James Gate, where they had their first date!

Thanks to my other shooter, Jess!

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