Kauai: The Garden Isle


Kauai. The greenest of the islands…and you’re about to see why. Arguably my favorite island. Enjoy!
Grand Canyon of the Pacific

Looks like Mars?

One of the MANY waterfalls on Kauai.

Hawaii is definitely the land of rainbows.

Arielle says this looks like Neverland.

These guys were everywhere, no joke!


Far away view of the “Paramount Peak” in the opening scenes of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” Look it up!

That’s a road you can drive across.

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. (Can you name that movie?)

Far away rain. 

Napali Coastline

Queen’s Bath. (Not 100% safe if you don’t stay vigilant, but worth the hike.) You’ll see why below.

Yes we hiked up those rocks…in the rain.


Sunset view from dinner.

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