Hawaii: Big Island Part 2

Volcano National Park

Most of these are from either Volcano National Park or the famous Black Sand Beach on Big Island. Enjoy!
The weather was ripe for rainbows. 

Steam Vents

Old Lava Lake
Large turtles frequently rest on the black sand beach. 

Yes. It’s a little cheesy, I know.

Another old lava lake. 

We were told by our guide (A real life geologist in fact) that prior to the eruption in this valley, there used to be a forest. People used come here to bird watch, because you could see the tops of all the trees below. 

Grotto area near the black sand beach. 

Told you, rainbow season.
These next few are from our hike to an area our geologist guide frequented. Not very known or talked about by the park and guide books. The terrain is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It didn’t seem earth-like.

Who doesn’t enjoy a little texture?

Yes, those are in fact bananas.

Stay tuned for Maui pictures!

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