Fort Lee Engagement – Francis and Kevin

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Francis was hanging out with some friends when someone called Kevin to come join them. Kevin came in and sat down all quiet. Francis was not too sure what he was thinking, but he had that fresh off the beach and relaxed look. He remembers Kevin was wearing a yellow shirt and green pants. To this day, he takes Francis’ breath away like that very first time he saw him walk into the room. Weeks later, they, with the same group of friends, were hanging out at a diner. They finally exchanged numbers before heading to their cars. Before Francis got into his car, Kevin screamed across the parking lot, “Text me!” Francis’ first text to him was, “If you had to, would you ever put a hand in an open cavity on a body to stop a bomb from exploding?” It was a Grey’s Anatomy reference. From there, they ended up having their first date at sunset in Frank Sinatra Park, right by the Hudson River. They sat on a blanket with golden pillows, Francis kept around for picnics. The rest is history!



Francis and Kevin went for a hike on their 4th anniversary as a couple. Francis was hoping to make a big show at Rainbow Falls in Rye, New York. Instead, there was only a trickle of water. So, he threw the ring into the creek and made a joke that the he found the perfect pebble to put on the ring. Kevin looked around until he pointed out a white gold ring with 5 sapphires and Alambra knotting. Kevin was so stunned that he walked away without answering whether he would like to marry him. From there they walked the 2 miles back down from the hills and had pizza. Just like their first date, their engagement had very little fuss and more spending time with one another, enjoying their company.


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