Brooklyn Bridge Proposal – Brian and Sarah

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Brian and Sarah met online and hit it off from the start! Less than 2 years later they are engaged! They knew quite early on that they wanted to spend the rest of thier lives together but the actually engagement day was a big surprise to Sarah!

Brian was working in the US for 2 weeks and they decided she would join him for a long weekend together in New York. They both love New York so Sarah was very excited! She flew in from Ireland on the Friday afternoon and Brian was flying from California. He completely played down the whole weekend so much so that she packed very casual and thought he was going to work that Friday. Instead he had a very romantic proposal planned!

She arrived at their hotel and the main thing on her mind was a shower and a little nap. Brian had other plans! He said he wanted them to go for a walk and that he had dinner booked! Sarah was more than a little cranky as she couldn’t understand why he’d book something so early in the evening. His plan, she would find out later was to get her to Brooklyn Bridge Park at twilight to propose! Once she accepted she had to leave the lovely hotel for a blustering cold New York walk. They walked over the Brooklyn Bridge and down to the park looking over the river. The backdrop was beautiful! There was also no one else in sight, that she could see.  Brian got down on one knee and you know the rest!

Thanks Brian and Sarah for letting me be there for such a romantic moment! I could tell by your smiles, how happy you both are together!

Thanks to my other shooter Jess.

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