Break-Time’s Over!


During the first week of August, my aunt asked me to bring my camera equipment to her son’s wedding. Sometimes, the hired photogs don’t necessarily take everything you want them to and sometimes there are just certain people they can’t get because they’re so busy with the bride and groom, rightfully so.

They did hire professional wedding photographers, so I tried to stay out of their way as much as possible, while still capturing what I felt was interesting. It was actually my first time “shooting” a wedding, so I learned a lot and since have become interested in shooting more events.

In total, I took about 400 photographs, I’ve posted a few for your viewing pleasure. If you were at this wedding and would like copies of any of my photographs, you can reach me at

  1. Christa L. says:

    I really love this last one. The structure and framing of it is very sweet and captures a moment of youth and joy. Well done!

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